DELL XPS 17 9710-524

US$3,800.00 US$3,000.00

The Dell XPS 17 9710-524 is a high-end laptop PC with a 16:10 aspect ratio screen with high resolution wide edges, a neat design and a high level of performance. Its 17-inch Ultra HD touch screen is combined with an RTX 3060 graphics card which will be a major asset for photo editing or video editing. Its chassis remains light and robust thanks to its aluminum and carbon fiber design. Its powerful configuration integrates components of choice for responsive multitasking and precise visual experiences: Intel Core i9 Tiger Lake, large capacity PCIe SSD storage and 32 GB of RAM.

The XPS Laptop PC is displayed in 17-inch Ultra HD format!
16:10 Ultra HD touch screen and RTX 3060 graphics card
The Dell XPS 17 9710-524 Laptop PC is equipped with an edge-to-edge screen with Ultra HD resolution (3840 x 2400) and 16:10 format. The latter, higher 16:9, will prove to be much more comfortable in terms of display for all your internet consultations or graphic work. You will also appreciate its brightness of 500 nits or its touch functionality.

On the graphics card side, with the Ampere architecture of its RTX 3060 Max-Q (6 GB DDR6), NVIDIA is not only content to offer a significant performance gain compared to the previous generation, but has also taken the opportunity to greatly improve RTX technologies as well as the yield and number of RT and Tensor cores, computing units dedicated respectively to ray tracing (which simulates the physical behavior of light for cinematic rendering) and to assistance with 3D graphics rendering via Deep Learning Super Sample (DLSS). The results in play? More fluidity and a reduction in the impact of ray-tracing on the number of frames.

Elegance, finesse and robustness
The Dell XPS 17 9710-524 Laptop PC offers you a high-end chassis. Sculpted using a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining process, the high-precision machined aluminum chassis with carbon fiber finish will prove stronger and stiffer than magnesium or plastic. This chassis accommodates a backlit keyboard for optimal comfort and easy use whatever the light conditions. Thanks to this design, this XPS 17 remains, with its 2.21 kg and less than 2 cm thick, easy to transport !

Designed for both multitasking and multimedia, the XPS 17 9710-524 incorporates a high-performance configuration to give you the power you are looking for. You thus find an Intel 8-core Tiger Lake generation processor with the Core i9-11900H clocked at 2.10 GHz in minimum frequency (up to 4.90 GHz in turbo mode), coupled with 32 GB of DDR4 RAM (3200 MHz ) for unfailing responsiveness, even if your software is resource-intensive.

On the storage side, this laptop is equipped with an M.2 PCIe SSD with a capacity of 1000 GB. This ultra-responsive storage system will launch your Windows 11 Professional operating system and all your different programs in just a few seconds. !

Next generation connectivity
To connect to the internet, this XPS 17 includes a Wifi 6 AX card. It also has a Bluetooth 5.1 chip to connect all of your compatible devices. For everything else, you can rely on no less than 4 Thunderbolt 4 compatible USB Type-C ports.

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